quinta-feira, dezembro 17, 2009

The second one

The second time that I got dumped within a month, was a shock.

That was yesterday, and I am still trying to believe.

As a snow flake, he sent a sms, saying " we need to talk ".

That came on my lunch time.

The phone call came 2hrs late.My phone rang, My heart froze.

He just said: " Me and you, its over. I dont love you anymore and cannot carry on with that. "

As simple as cold that.

I lost air, my legs were shaking and I felt sick. Like someone was taking my heart away, and in fact that is what he did. He took the last peace of hope, o love, of heart inside me, he took away.

feeling empty.

"I want somebody to share
share the rest of my life
share my innermost thoughts
know my intimate details
someone who'll stand by my side
and give me support"

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